Worth Fighting For by Dr. Tiffanie L. Williams

“Out of tragedy a beautiful thing has and continues to happen! I am making lemonade out of lemons,”

Dr. Tiffanie L. Williams

It was during this slumber that I had a dream. In the dream, I had just given birth, I did not have clothes for the baby so I left the hospital to go get some. When I got back, a nurse wheeled out a baby carrier towards me. I remember the place was rather blueish-grey, and there was a sense of gloom and despair.

The floors were shiny, slick, and dark in color, and the walls were smoky. I was very sure it was my baby she was pushing towards me, as I held my baby’s clothes in a clear white grocery bag. It was a white, frilly dress with pink ribbon trim around the waist. Before I could even reach the nurse or speak to my baby she said, “Why weren’t you here?!”, I was taken aback by her question.

As I stared at her trying to wrap my head around what was going on, her eyes, flaming wildly with anger, pierced my spirit. Each of her words fought through her clenched teeth as she bellowed, “YOUR BABY DIED!”



Above all else know this: Your life is worth fighting for. – Dr. Tiffanie L. Williams

Worth Fighting For by Dr. Tiffanie L. Williams - Therapist, Author, Speaker, and Humanitarian



         Sojourn with Tiffanie as she shares her most intimate thoughts and feelings surrounding her experiences with love, rejection, fear, and pain. This story tells of how after the death of her son Liam, she was able to gain insight, freedom, and purpose.


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