“My experience at the Intentional Woman Retreat in Destin, FL was impeccable.  The setting, group growth activities, bonding opportunities, group exercising sessions, and food made telling others about it compulsory! Make the investment in yourself to attend! It’s well worth it.”
Event Attendee

“MasterPeace Counseling Services has been instrumental in my growth as a woman.  Going from being an unaware girl, I am now a self-assured, confident, and truly independent woman…working through issues and tackling them one by one, while being guided by the encouraging words of Dr. Williams…She will tell you the truth and help you become your best self…MPCS is simply phenomenal!!


“Thank you for that post last night! I fell asleep watching it and today I woke and said No to someone about something and I must say, it felt AMAZING!… That’s going to be my new saying! lol it’s all about me for the rest of 2019! ”

IGTV Viewer