I was at a networking event sitting at a table of about six women under a sparsely shaded area outside in the sweltering summer heat. Half of us sipped on wine while the other half fanned ourselves profusely to keep from melting in our chairs. To my right, was a young woman, noticeably pregnant. We began the usual round robin introduction of self to each other. After the woman to my right announced she was pregnant, my friend to my right then stated, “So now that you’ve mentioned you’re pregnant…..because I know it’s rude to assume…..when are you due?” The conversation spiraled into some of us sharing if we had children or not and how many. I felt like I was watching a ping-pong match as ladies shared experiences and showed pictures. What am I going to say if they ask ME that question?

Look What Love Made Guest Post by Dr. Tiffanie L. Williams


I am the mother of an invisible child. I am a mother whose child is not with us in the physical realm. I am the mother who has to decide, when situations like these occur, if I am going to say, “No, I don’t have any children” or “Yes, I have a child who is no longer with us.”

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Dr. Tiffanie