I’d anticipated this trip for months! I packed all of my clothes, books, and aromatherapy merchandise. I was on my way to Atlanta for the “Fearless Authors Marketplace” event set up by Arian Simone. Myself, along with over 50 authors, were hand selected to be apart of an event sure to inspire, encourage, and more importantly- get books sold! Not long after I published my book “Worth Fighting For”, I saw the opportunity and pounced on it. It was a no-brainer to me! I called up my friend and event planner Tameka to assist me with the event and she was down for the cause! I was later told my friend and hairstylist Nikki was going along for the ride too!

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The event was amazing! There were so many smiling, melanated, shining faces! The energy and atmosphere was magnetic! I met some amazing female authors, heard their stories, and took plenty of pictures! Despite the all-day torrential downpour outside, each author’s spirits remained lifted as we entertained each other and guests. There were some gems dropped during the event as I learned how to promote my book, the ins-and-outs of self publishing vs. going through a publishing house, and how to market effectively. 

Aside from the event, Tameka, Nikki and I had a blast! Our road trip to Atlanta consisted of going through the winding back roads of Georgia (with no phone signal by the way…) and intimate conversations about life, relationships, and history. After we arrived at the hotel, we laughed over dinner and drinks. After the marketplace event, me and Tameka went to Chili’s and were later joined by Nikki, where we ate to our heart’s content. We were exhausted beyond measure and stuffed from food and dessert, and apparently Nikki took a photo of me sleeping at the table (don’t judge me). The next day we enjoyed a hearty brunch served by Nikki’s sister, where, for hours, we chatted about the Bible, family, and business. 

I spoke with my friend Crissy Monday night after the event. During my chat about the weekend she asked, “So, what was the biggest takeaway from this weekend’s event?” I was instantly flooded with memories of laughter, and the connections I felt with my girls! I informed her that although I thoroughly enjoyed the Fearless Authors Marketplace event, it was the Fearless Friendship I experienced with Tameka and Nikki that resonated with me the most. It’s not everyday that you come across people who genuinely care about you, will give the shirt off their back for you, support you, and uplift you! I witnessed Fearless Friendship at its finest, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. But it takes intentionality and effort to create these types of friendships. You must be willing to give, share, and be vulnerable. I have been, and will continue to make a conscious effort to create a strong sustainable tribe of friends who get me and who got me- and vice versa! 


Dr. Tiffanie Williams (A Fearless Friend)