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The MasterPeace Blend is designed to promote renewal, serenity, assurance and motivation which empowers you to embrace the beauty of life and help you be the master of Your Peace!
Blend Elements & Benefits
Rose: The comforting and beauty-enhancing scent embodies the MasterPeace blend. Rose essential is known to help alleviate stress, insomnia, depression, and nervousness. It is a sign of infinite beauty and authenticity. 
Clary Sage: The exhilarating power of clary sage has made it an aromatherapy favorite throughout history for its wealth of benefits. Clary sage aids in boosting confidence, supporting mental strength and reducing hypersensitivity, stress and irritability. It promotes peace from within. 
Juniper Berry: Known for renewing, rejuvinating and invigorating the body and mind juniper berry is a thoughtful part of the MasterPeace Blend. It is known to aid in reducing panic & shock, calming emotional/mental anxiety, grief, overwork and fatigue.